i stumble and fall
i get hurt and i cry

i guess i’ve had enough
now, i wanna redeem tonight

i know, i wasn’t a person like this
rather, was a better one before

i think, i’ve turned into negative
i wanna redeem to the earlier

now here i stand
like a week and lazy soul

i’ve started being like a procrastinator
oh! redeem me while there’s still time

i’m broken, even if i don’t exhibit
i’m sad and depressed

of having no reason
oh! now redeem me from this pain

i don’t study, neither pay attention
when i know it’s important

i just stare at the wall with an open book
make me redeem from this hell

i know, i realise
that i haven’t earned grades even average

earlier i used to be amongst the highest
i wanna redeem from my ignorance

oh now that i’ve started taking things easy
i feel like i’m just a skinny with a soul

being a liability isn’t good
someone now redeem me from this curse

i wanna be the one like before
responsible, determined and strong

oh i swear! i won’t do this anymore
i just want to redeem with one last chance

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