tears. they transpire her eyes. almost about to roll out. but she conceals them. doesn’t show. she holds them so tight in like they’ve never known her. her eyes so full that could gleam even in the darkest. she never shows her pain.

never let’s anyone have a glimpse of her woe. she hides. hides so deep inside that even if it reaches the surface the hard strong core won’t let it out. but that doesn’t mean she got no feels. she feels. she feels so hard and sharp inside. its painful. but she won’t concede. the tears are words she didn’t say. the tears are feelings she never let out. the tears are hardships she never shows. the tears are love that she fails to exhibit. the tears are phrases she never heard. the tears are her utterance. the tears are colors she hides. the tears. they are a part. a part of her. now a whole her.


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