the world out there

is a harsh place, my dear

you have to be strong

and never fear

they will tease you

and try to push you down

but remember, you are brave

and you won’t frown

there are numerous

jealous of you

they will try to break

you into two

yes, the world is a harsh place

but not all are the devils

if many are against you

don’t worry, some are petals

they’ll lift you up

in the bad times

and protect you from dark

with vibrant lights

but you, ought to be strong

and brave enough to fight

’cause, all the time they won’t stay

to make your path light

be brave, be happy, be confident

even when the world puts you down

keep your back straight and head up

’cause you have to maintain your crown

the crown that you are wearing

since the day you are born

let it be fixed, firm enough

that no tornado can make it torn

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