what you said was never heard
’cause your silence hurts greater than words

when you were quiet
there was no light
and i thought it might
steal away the moments that were bright

your silence did hurt
when all day and night
a thought disturbed

were you okay, or was i wrong
internally weak, pretending to be strong
’cause you’ve stretched it for too long
life never ended, though goes on along

all you need to do
is break up the silence, lift up your heart
and see the real you

you didn’t speak
but somehow in your heart i peaked
you desperately wanted to squeak
and make your aphonic wreak

your silence hurts you all day long
but do you realize
it can break me lifelong

so just give it up
and blow a shout
i just wanna make your eyes light up
and wanna hear you loud

without being spoken i heard
still your silence hurts greater than words