petrichor, so earthly

is the smell after rain

may give such a lot of pleasure

may bring back memories of pain

petrichor, connects us to nature

with the smell of wet mud

so cool and pleasant

even to the newest flower buds

petrichor, oh its so good

it settles the dust

cleanses the environment

to love it is a must

petrichor, oh everyone loves

to sit on the window grills

inhaling its freshness

with tea and it’s cool thrills

4 thoughts on “PETRICHOR

  1. После дождя и правда волшебное время! 🙂

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  2. I gather that Petrichor is a type of plant?

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    1. Petrichor is a pleasant smell that accompanies first rain after a long, dry season.

      I enjoy it to the fullest.

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