oh! i remember, i remember!
stealing each other’s lunch boxes
hiding each other’s notebooks
breaking our own color pencils
misplacing our own books

scribbling in your notebook
as a revenge for your deeds
to each other’s eyes we look
before our war begins

we fought like animals
like we ourselves were one
but, to each other we were worlds
like friends’ friendship forever won

then we were the best of all
all the other jealous of us
oh! now its literally love
you made me your puss

dancing in the hall
and bunking the classes
cheating our school guard so tall
we held on our kisses

yes! we did still fight
screaming on top of our voices
but our love was still so kind
that the violin could hear no noises

walking down to the Starbucks
then sipping from the same Espresso
closer the straw struck
our lips making an ‘o’

oh! those were our times
now we’ve almost forgotten each other’s name
now i know how it feels
when your lover owns a fame

you left me suddenly in a lonesome night
oh! we were having our time
but you left with no fright
now my emotions squeezed like a lime

now you walk by me
not even looking an eye
oh! how would you see
covered with escorts so high

now you walk with that skinny lady
covered with makeover
i bet she isn’t even real, all forgery
she’ll surely make you hover

we were once the partners
oh hell! now look what you’ve done
i wish my Starbucks beau remembers
’cause now you’ve so well forgotten

now i lay down
with all those memories hovering over
i wish you could be back as ten years down
oh! i remember, i remember!


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