you were my faodail

to find you was a hard thing

never knew to me you’ll bring

bring happiness, joy

bring the brightest of skies

bring shiniest of eyes

eyes so bright

i see a pleasant future in them

oh! you make me overwhelm

overwhelm of being with you

after such a long time

now every sound is like a chime

chime you are to my soul

a lucky find you are, i adore

you always will i devour

devour your every edge, every curve

you are my explicit tune

faodail, a godsend fortune


i’m drowning in water,
distance from the core is now shorter.

breath is not even bare,
oh, show me that you care.

i can’t swim, sinking low,
reached the core, its feet below.

oh, come to me to save me,
or i’ll be forever free.

rise me up, let me breath,
let the shore, be beneath.

we’ll come from dark,
into light, we’ll again lark.

so save me from this deep blue place,
so we could be again, face to face.