woman. the strongest element alive. unbreakable. invincible. seems gentle as a feather, but carries an iron clad heart. soft from the out but hard from the inside. you may try pierce her but you’ll never reach the heart. her heart. it comprises the world. its the strongest part of her elegant body. no she’s not frivolous. no she’s not weak. no she’s not a liability. no she’s not a dependency. she’s capable. she’s durable. she’s healthy. she’s independent. she. she is a daughter a sister a mother a wife. she is a woman and she is proud to be so. she carries the title of a woman and her crown with head held high. no she’s not ashamed of it. but she is just in touch with ground with head touching skies. she’s the master of her own destiny. author of her own book. captain of her own ship.


A special post for International Women’s Day ’18. (08/03/18)

A very Happy International Women’s Day to all my lovely sisters out there!


all the damn time.
i was available to them all the damn time.
i listen to them all the damn time.
and still i get isolated and alienated and seemingly betrayed all the damn time.
and all that damn time i tell myself,
that no,
not anymore.
this is not going to be repeated any damn time again.
i try…
i try…
i try…
i fail.
and again all the damn time,
they contain me,
i be available and feeling used.
i understand and interpret their situations.
and i’m like,
okay its okay.
and let them have me again the next time
and now,
all the damn time.

i feel like i’m getting used to
breath in this way
all the damn time
let myself available
all the damn time
all the damn time