i’m drowning in water,
distance from the core is now shorter.

breath is not even bare,
oh, show me that you care.

i can’t swim, sinking low,
reached the core, its feet below.

oh, come to me to save me,
or i’ll be forever free.

rise me up, let me breath,
let the shore, be beneath.

we’ll come from dark,
into light, we’ll again lark.

so save me from this deep blue place,
so we could be again, face to face.


i am a mystery
can’t be solved easily
never suspended freely
to reveal the untold story

it takes adventure and risk
a little magic, with brisk
the conclusion is a fix
for the one who takes risks

you’ll wonder in the darkness
with all hopes lost, helpless
suddenly you’ll careless
of the tricks in this chess

this mystery is so bright
that you’ll see no light
the darkness, here, is so right
it’ll leave you in confusion, in fright